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Udarbejdet af Henning Søholm, Dalum Landbrugsskole.

4 weeks on-job-training in EU - as a part of Basic Course as Farmer/Animalkeeper in Denmark

Monitoring, contact, evaluation... BLOG

In order to keep close contact with our students during the internhip we use several differents approaches and tools. We form written agreement about monitoring and evaluation during the stay. We send teachers along to visit e the students, to monitor and evaluate the learning


We use a BLOG as a mean of open communication to students, family and teachers.



..and always inform

COO Eric Wancher

0045 24 76 16 27


Call Bupa Global Assistance for

24-hour emergency service and

medical help

Tel: + 45 70 23 24 61


Read more about the education - at Bacic Course as Farmer/Animal Keeper





We use the european EUROPASS as a quality certification for student internships in Europe.




All students have a personal inssurance from, Studenterforsikring .

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Students are not allowed to have salary during internship, as it is an integrated part of the Basic Course. However we hope it is possible to provide rooms and food for the student during the stay.

Student pictures

In order to make positive identification we offer students pictures for download. LINK

European Internship for vet students

Education Programme

4 week programme

Students at the Danish VET Education as Farmer and Anmalkeeper is offered a 4 week company stay in Europe as an integrated part of the Basic Course at The Agricultural College.


SENDING INSTITUTIONS are Danish Agricultural Colleges offering the Danish VET Education, Basic Course, as Farmer and Animalkeeper.

Applicant group is all 10 Danish Agricultural Colleges.

1. AgroCollege Hammerum

2. Asmildkloster Agricultural College

3. Bygholm Agricultural College

4. Dalum Agricultural College (Administrator)

5. Grindsted Agricultural College

6. Green Academy Aarhus (JU)

7. Gråsten Agricultural College

8. Kalo Organic Agricultural College

9. Kjaergaard Agricultural College

10. Nordjyllands Aricultural College



Students have attended 9 years of compusary school before attending the vet institution. They have reached an age of 17 to 18 years. At the college student learn basic elements of biology, animal care, feeding, breeding e.t.c.

Students are know about workplace safety and have often had a driving license for tractor. Students have good understand of English and are able to communicate fully understandable in English.


Is a European program designed to ease European understanding and education among young people. Funding covers costs for travel and housing during education activities in other European countries.




Dalum Agricultural College


Eric Wanscher

0045 24 76 16 27


International Coordinator

Henning Søholm

0045 29 16 64 61



Krestine Hoegh

0045 63 13 27 23